We develop a wide variety of commercially viable, original concepts and novel format ideas for reality shows, talent shows, game shows and general family entertainment shows.


Each format idea is subjected to an incubation process which can take anywhere from a few months to several years. During this process we flesh out the concept, shape it, rework it, tweak it, and meticulously work on the details.


Once the idea has left our format incubator and is market-ready, we partner with other production companies, broadcasters or video streaming services to turn it into reality.


Below is an overview of our formats (some are listed under their working title), all of which are in different stages of development and pre-production.

The Walk of Life   The Shower Singer Copycats Ooh La La! World Dancers The Face Behind the Face
Blown Away Master Flirts Ready When You Are Dancing with the Devil The Million Dollar Kiss
Devil’s Deal The Door The Beast The Lighthouse Celebrity Grand Prix
The Great Pretender You’ve Been Cancelled! Big Mama The Greatest Ape Hey Look at Me,
Am I Not Amazing?
Roll ‘n Rock Grandpas in Skinny Jeans Ding Dong Reality Swap Worst Enemies
The Black Hole Outshine the Master Phantom Castle The Call The Invisible Singer
America’s Wildest Dreams The Ugly Girl at the Dance Your Money is My Money The Perfect Woman Star or Fool?