In the screenwriting industry a ‘high concept’ is defined as a concept with a strong and compelling hook that can be explained clearly and effectively in one or two sentences, and that instantly captures the interest and imagination of a wide audience, making it highly marketable. High-concept movies typically have short, evocative titles. Examples include Planet of the Apes, Snakes on a Plane, King Kong, Jaws, Speed, Jurassic Park and Titanic.

We apply this Hollywood notion to the development of our entertainment brands, concepts and fomats. They all share the following ‘high concept’ characteristics:


● Strong Hook: Attention-grabbing, compelling, big, bold idea with an ingenious, innovative twist and a sensational dimension

● Very Accessible: Clear premise, easy to understand

● Mass Appeal: Appeals to a wide audience

● Highly Marketable: Easy to market, high probability of commercial success

● Global Potential: Suitable for the international market